White Light Tasty Treats Menu

 We provide a very good selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, soups & cakes. You can enjoy our food and drinks in our very cosy shop, out side in our seating area or you can ask to takeaway.

We also offer a preorder service for parties and business lunches with 24 hours notice. 

Breakfast Served Until 11.30am

Our freshly prepared breakfasts are made award winning white or malted brown bread, free range eggs, butchers bacon and other quality products and ingredients.


Fried egg sandwich £3.00  -  Bacon sandwich £3.95  -  Bacon and egg sandwich £4.75

On Toast

Jam, Maralaid, Chocolate Or Honey £1.80  -  Beans or Tomatoes £2.95  -  Scrambled eggs £3.75  -  Scrambled eggs and bacon £4.75 -

Light Lunches Served Until 4.30pm


Our freshly prepared fully loaded sandwiches are made using award winning white or malted brown bread and filled with quality ingredients.

Egg Mayonnaise £ 4.95 - French Brie £4.95  -  Roast pepper & hummus £5.25 - Deli Ham & cheese £5.50 - Tuna and mayonnaise £4.95  -  Chicken and bacon £5.75  -                              B.L.T Bacon lettuce tomato £5.50 - Italian Meat £5.75

Our freshly prepared fully loaded salads are made with fresh quality ingredients.

Roast pepper, tomato & feta £6.75  -  Chicken Caesar  £7.50  -  Ham & cheese ploughmans £7.50  - Tuna salad £6.75 - Mixed platter for one/two £9.75/£18.00

Hot Pot Special
Our hot pot specials are perfect for a warm bowl of homemade soup, stews, vegetable chilli, creamy garlic mushrooms etc. £3.40 - £6.00

Cakes And Pastries Served Until 4.30pm

Our homemade cakes listed below are our favourites but why not pop in and see which ones on today.

Homemade Layer Cakes And Loaf Cakes
Our Favourites - Coffee and walnut, Carrot, Lemon drizzle, Chocolate, Victoria, Cherry & Almond, Toffee £2.50 - £2.95
Flap jack, Brownie & Rrocky road £1.30 -  Fruit loafs £1.50

Scone Cream Teas
Plain scone, strawberry jam, clotted cream £3.25 - Plain scone, strawberry jam, clotted cream, pot of tea £4.75

Two plain scone, strawberry jam, clotted cream and a pot of tea £6.50

Hot And Cold Drinks Served Until 4.30pm

We provide a great selection of regular tea, locally made herbal teas, Lavazza coffees, hot chocolate, milkshakes, smoothies & soft drinks

Regular Teas
Our teas by the pot £1.50 or £3.00

Breakfast tea  -  Earl gray  -  Chamomile  -  Green tea  -  Chai  -  Darjeeling  -  Peppermint  -  Fruit 

Lavazza Coffee

Freshly made using professional blend Lavazza Tirra, quality Arabic beans and fresh steamed milk and cream if required to give a fresh taste every time. 
Espresso  £1.60/£2.00  -  Macchaito £2.25  -  Americano £2.50   -  Flat White £2.30  -  Latte £2.50  -  Cappuccino £2.50  -  Mocha £2.50

Hot Chocolate
Our hot chocolate drinks are made using fresh hot steamed milk for a thick and rich drink.
Plain Cadbury hot chocolate £2.50  -  Add cream +£0.30  -  Add cream and marshmallow +£0.60

Soft Drinks
We think Flockingtons sparkling soft drinks are one of the best chilled drinks available, they are packed with natural flavors.
Natural Sparkling Folkingtons £1.90  -  Coke / pepsi £0.90  -  Orange Juice / Apple Juice: £0.90  -  Still Water: £0.90

Our milkshakes are made with syrups and full fat milk with whipped cream and marshmallow if you desire.
Chocolate £2.50  -  Banana £2.50  -  Strawberry £2.50  -  Raspberry £2.50 - Add cream and marshmallow +£0.80

Address: 3 Quay Street, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL220BS
Hours: 10:00am until 4.30pm/5:00pm
Phone: 07581196062